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NAIF's FY18-19 Performance

NAIF's FY18-19 PerformanceGraphical representation of NAIF's Investment Decisions in FY18-19. NAIF made 6 Investment Decisions committing funds of $479m; of those supported projects the total project value was $1.4 billion. The six projects are forecast to deliver 2,405 jobs and $1.1 billion of public benefit. NAIF funds drawn as at 30 June 2019 was $38.2 million (NAIF funds are drawn as and when they are required by the borrower).

Total Project value in Due Diligence this year amount to $3.5bn

This represents a strong improvement from $2.1bn in FY17-18

Number of projects in Due Diligence increased from 16 to 29 (5 in FY16-17)

Growth in projects in Due Diligence




Value of Projects in Due Diligence




Number of Projects in Due Diligence




Stakeholder Engagement

  • met with more than 5,500 stakeholders
  • gave presentations to more than 8,800 people
  • 13 Board meetings across QLD, NT, WA and ACT
  • 4 newsletters and 26 media releases issued
  • upgraded website