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NAIF Mandatory Criteria

NAIF’s Investment Mandate outlines the mandatory criteria Project Proponents must meet for their project to be eligible for NAIF financial assistance.

The infrastructure NAIF can finance is wide ranging and includes assets that facilitate the establishment or enhancement of business activity or increase economic activity in a region.

NAIF projects must be of public benefit beyond those captured by a Project Proponent. In addition, an IES demonstrating objectives for Indigenous participation, procurement and employment, reflecting Indigenous population in the region must also be developed by the proponent for each project.

For all projects there is a requirement for NAIF finance to be able to repaid or refinanced.

The mandatory criteria are summarised in Figure 5.

NAIF’s focus on public benefit and Indigenous involvement and opportunity in northern Australia are key differentiators from other lenders.

Figure 5: Mandatory Criteria to be eligible for NAIF financial assistance

NAIF Mandatory Criteria 1. Involve the construction of infrastructure; 2. Be of public benefit; 3. Be located in, or have significant benefit for northern Australia; 4. Be able to repay or refinance NAIF's debt; and 5. Have an Indigneous Engagement Strategy