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Performance Metrics FY19-20 onwards

The progress made during FY18-19 positions NAIF well to meet its targets over the next two years.

In NAIF’s Corporate Plan 2019-2020 which is available on its website, NAIF has developed two years of performance targets to June 2021. The NAIF Act prohibits the Board from making a decision beyond the current legislated term of 30 June 2021. At the time of publication, NAIF’s legislative review of operation which was scheduled to occur as soon as possible after 1 July 2019 has commenced. The review will cover among other things:

  • whether the time limit of 30 June 2021 for making decisions to provide financial assistance should be extended; and
  • appropriate governance arrangements for NAIF after that date.

Within four months of NAIF having received direction post that review it will set appropriate targets to measure NAIF’s success in the period post 30 June 2021.