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North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority Structure 2019-20

During the 2019–20 period the Authority had one non-ongoing, SES2, full time, male employee based in Canberra, one male, full time, EL2 transferred from the (then) Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development, and one female, full time, APS5 based in Canberra. Out posted staff will be engaged as required during 2020–21.

Except where specifically noted, the Authority utilises the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications’ framework of operational policies and guidelines supported by Accountable Authority Instructions, operational guidelines, HR policies, processes and behaviours to ensure it delivers on its purpose and vision, conforms to its obligations and meets expectations of accountability and transparency. The Authority’s leadership team is responsible for pursuing and achieving the Authority’s purposes and vision as outlined in its corporate plan, through setting and monitoring the Authority’s strategic direction, overseeing the business of the Authority, identifying risks, and managing the Authority’s budget and people.

The Authority is committed to a diverse workforce and provides reasonable adjustment and support to employees with a disability. Reporting on disability is available from the Australian Public Service Commission’s State of the Service Report and the APS statistical bulletin. Both of these reports are available from www.apsc.gov.au.