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Resource Statement

Table 1 reconciles usage of appropriation resources in CASH terms i.e. draw down of cash.

Table 2 reports budgeted expenses by Outcome (as per PBS) on an ACCRUAL basis. Total expenses for Outcome must match total expenses in Statement of Comprehensive Income in Financial Statements (expenses that do not require appropriation i.e. audit services received free of charge shown on separate line).

Table 1 NQWIA resource statement for the year ended 30 June 2020

Source: Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20 (Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities Portfolio) and NQWIA Financial Statements 2019–20.

1 Appropriation Act (No.1) 2019–20. Includes $0.355 million appropriated for 2018–19 expenses.
2 Includes retained revenue receipts under section 74 of the PGPA Act.