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D1. Employee benefits expense

NBN Co Group

30 June 2020

30 June 2019

For the year ended



Defined contribution superannuation expense



Other employee expenses, net of capital recoveries






Recognition and measurement

Short-term employee benefit obligations

Short-term employee benefits include salaries and wages, including non-monetary benefits, short-term incentives and annual leave expected to be settled within 12 months of the reporting date. Short-term employee benefits are expensed as the related service is provided. A liability is recognised for the amount expected to be paid if the Group has a present legal or constructive obligation to pay this amount as a result of past service provided by the employee and the obligation can be estimated reliably.

Long-term employee benefit obligations

The liability for long service leave is measured as the present value of expected future payments to be made in respect of services provided by employees up to the end of the reporting period using the projected unit credit method. Consideration is given to the expected future wage and salary levels, experience of employee departures and periods of service. Expected future payments are discounted using high-quality corporate bond rates at the reporting date with terms to maturity and currency to match, as closely as possible to, the estimated future cash flows. Remeasurement as a result of experience adjustments and changes in assumptions are recognised in profit or loss.

Post-employment benefits

The Group pays superannuation guarantee contributions into nominated defined contribution plans as advised by employees. Superannuation contributions are recognised as an expense as they become payable.

Termination benefits

Termination benefits are payable when employment is terminated, and an expense is recognised when the Group is demonstrably committed to terminating the employment of current employees according to a detailed formal plan without likelihood of withdrawal.

Capitalisation of employee benefits expenses

Employee benefits expenses are capitalised and included in the cost of property, plant and equipment, and software upon initial recognition to the extent that they are directly attributable to constructing and bringing the asset to the location and condition necessary for it to be capable of operating in the manner intended by management.