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Responsible ministers

The NTC is accountable to the Infrastructure and Transport Ministers' Meeting (ITMM). Membership of this meeting includes Commonwealth, state and territory ministers responsible for transport and infrastructure, and the president of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA).

A full list of the participating members for each meeting is provided in the meeting communiqués published at www.infrastructure.gov.au/transport/infrastructure-transport-ministers/.

Members of the ITMM as at 30 June 2021 are:


The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP (Chair)
Deputy Prime Minister; Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development

New South Wales

The Hon Andrew Constance MP
Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

The Hon Paul Toole MP
Minister for Regional Transport and Roads


The Hon Jacinta Allan MP
Minister for Transport Infrastructure; Minister for Suburban Rail Loop

The Hon Ben Carroll MP
Minister for Public Transport; Minister for Roads and Road Safety


The Hon Dr Steven Miles MP
Deputy Premier and Minister; Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

The Hon Mark Bailey MP
Minister for Transport and Main Roads

South Australia

The Hon Corey Wingard MP
Minister for Infrastructure and Transport; Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing

Western Australia

The Hon Rita Saffioti MLA
Minister for Transport; Minister for Planning; Ports


The Hon Michael Ferguson MP
Minister for Finance; Minister for Infrastructure and Transport; Minister for State Development, Construction and Housing; Minister for Science and Technology; Leader of the House

Northern Territory

The Hon Eva Lawler MLA
Minister for Renewables and Energy; Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics; Minister for Environment; Minister for Water Security; Minister for Climate Change; Minister for Essential Services

Australian Capital Territory

Minister Chris Steel MLA
Minister for Transport and City Services; Minister for skills; Special Minister for State

Australian Local Government Association

Councilor Linda Scott

New Zealand

The Hon Michael Wood MP
Minister of Transport; Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety