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Purpose and function

Who we are

The NTC is a national land transport reform agency that supports Australian governments to improve safety, productivity and environmental outcomes, provide for future technologies and improve regulatory efficiency.

The NTC is a key contributor to the national reform agenda with accountability to the Infrastructure and Transport Ministers' Meeting (ITMM) and its advisory body, the Infrastructure and Transport Senior Officials’ Committee (ITSOC).

Our purpose

The NTC's purpose as set out in the NTC Corporate Plan 2020–24 is: 'we lead national land transport reform.' The primary way the NTC achieves its purpose is through the delivery of its program of work (published in the corporate plan each year).

What we do

To support the ITMM, the NTC leads reform, from defining the problems and opportunities, through policy development and drafting law, to implementation planning and review.

Responsibility for Australian land transport regulation spans all levels of government, and across multiple agencies and regulators. The NTC has a unique role within this landscape to harmonise Australia’s land transport system, and does this by working with the Commonwealth, states and territories in consultation with a range of stakeholders to negotiate solutions for all of Australia.

The NTC has a legislative requirement to develop, monitor and maintain uniform or nationally consistent regulatory and operational arrangements for road, rail and intermodal transport. The Corporate Plan 2020–24 sets out the NTC's role (as defined in the NTC Act and legislative instruments) as:

  • Develop and propose reform
  • Maintain, monitor and review laws and instruments
  • Monitor and evaluate reforms
  • Advise on heavy vehicle charges

The NTC is accountable to all Australian governments with a focus on achieving truly national outcomes.