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Purpose and function

Who we are

Our vision: A land transport system that improves the living standards of all Australians.

The NTC leads national land transport reform in support of Australian governments to improve safety, productivity, environmental outcomes and regulatory efficiency.

We are a key contributor to the national reform agenda with accountability to the Transport and Infrastructure Council (the Council) and its advisory body, the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials’ Committee (TISOC).

Our purpose

Our purpose as set out in the NTC Corporate Plan 2019–23 is to develop, propose, monitor, maintain and review nationally consistent reforms to improve the productivity, safety, environmental impacts and regulatory efficiency of land transport in Australia.

The primary way we achieve our purpose is through the delivery of our program of work (published in our corporate plan each year).

What we do

The NTC leads national land transport reform to advance social and economic outcomes for all Australians through an efficient, integrated and nationally consistent land transport system.

The NTC has a unique role: we were established to develop and propose nationally consistent land transport reforms. We review, maintain and amend national and model laws, and other instruments, on behalf of the Council. We lead reforms, from problem or opportunity definition, to policy, to draft law and to implementation plans and review. We contribute to achieving national reform priorities agreed by the Council.

The NTC collaborates and consults with our stakeholders to identify, design and champion regulatory and operational reforms to land transport policy and regulation that:

  • support the safe and efficient movement of people, freight and services
  • recognise and encourage transport innovation
  • apply agreed charges for heavy vehicles
  • reduce environmental impacts and regulatory burdens
  • promote competitive national and international supply chains.