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NOPSEMA's Human Resources Strategy

The Human Resources Strategy 2018 to 2022 was developed to support, engage and develop NOPSEMA’s workforce, recognising that NOPSEMA is built on the knowledge, skills, experience and values of our workforce.

Throughout the reporting period, work was undertaken to reinforce workforce planning principles and practices into broader strategic resource planning undertaken by the NOPSEMA leadership team. On a more operational level, position descriptions were reviewed and updated to ensure currency and relevance.

Workforce capacity was built through the review and implementation of a Learning and Development policy that aligns outlines NOPSEMA’s approach to learning and development (including the 70:20:10 model) and provides linkages to the employee performance management system. Through the period, a series of online learning courses were launched, including one on the APS Code of Conduct. All staff participated in appropriate workplace behaviour promotion, education and awareness training that was developed in conjunction with and delivered by an external provider.

Through the reporting period, senior NOPSEMA mangers participated in a number of facilitated training sessions to strengthen management and leadership capability. These training sessions focussed on “difficult conversations” and included the delivery of the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) developed “Management in Action”.

Ongoing contributions to the preferred organisational culture were made through supporting NOPSEMA’s Organisational Culture Group which continued to work on building a collegiate and transparent culture.

Activities to improve HR service delivery included the update of the employee self- service module of the human resource management information system. The review of the suite of human resource policies and procedures continued to ensure people management practices remain aligned to relevant legislation and practices while maintaining relevance to business operations.