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Corporate governance

Overall responsibility for the management of NOPSEMA is vested in its CEO. The OPGGS Act provides the CEO with all the legal powers and functions that the law assigns to NOPSEMA. The CEO must have regard to the advice of the NOPSEMA Advisory Board and keep it informed. The CEO may delegate his/her authority for the day-to-day operations of NOPSEMA to the Head of Division for Safety and Integrity, Environment, Regulatory Support or General Counsel.

The OPGGS Act requires NOPSEMA to report on its investigations, as appropriate, to the responsible Commonwealth, state and Northern Territory ministers. Under streamlined environmental authorisation arrangements, endorsed under the EPBC Act, NOPSEMA is also required to report to the Minister for the Environment and Energy on its compliance with streamlining commitments (See Appendix 2: EPBC Act streamlining performance report 2017–18).

The responsible Commonwealth minister, after consulting with the relevant state or Northern Territory minister, may issue policy principles to NOPSEMA to direct the manner in which it fulfils its responsibilities. These policy principles do not extend to NOPSEMA’s regulatory decision-making.

As a Commonwealth statutory authority and corporate entity, NOPSEMA has statutory obligations under the Public Service Act 1999 and the PGPA Act. NOPSEMA ensures compliance with these obligations through its performance management framework and corporate governance structure.

Figure 16: Corporate governance structure

This is a figure of NOPSEMA's Corporate Governance Structure as explained above.