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Regulator Performance Framework

NOPSEMA administers, monitors and enforces regulation and, as a Commonwealth regulator, is required to implement the Regulator Performance Framework (RPF). The framework consists of six outcomes-based KPIs covering reducing regulatory burden, communications, risk-based and proportionate approaches, efficient and coordinated monitoring, transparency, and continuous improvement. All Commonwealth regulators must assess their performance under the RPF. Further information on the RPF is available at: https://docs.employment.gov.au/documents/regulator-performance-framework .

NOPSEMA’s approach

NOPSEMA has aligned the requirements of the RPF with the PGPA Act and the Enhanced Commonwealth Performance Framework. This gives the agency the flexibility to streamline performance assessment and reporting while still ensuring accountability and transparency are maintained.

The requirements of the RPF state that Commonwealth regulators must self-assess their performance against the RPF annually. The results of the self-assessment report must:

  • be validated by the approved Ministerial Advisory Council, as external stakeholders, for NOPSEMA this is the GCAC
  • be certified by the agency’s accountable authority (the CEO)
  • be provided to the agency’s portfolio minister
  • be published no later than 31 December each year.

Summary of results

Details and performance results against NOPSEMA’s primary KPIs are included in the annual performance statements. Additional and notable points specific to the RPF, including identified focus areas for each KPI, are discussed in the following tables.

Performance statement

NOPSEMA met all six RPF KPIs in 2018–19. NOPSEMA’s self-assessment results indicate that it fulfils its purpose to ‘independently and professionally regulate offshore health and safety, integrity and environmental management’ and does so within a continuous improvement setting.