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Contributing Lives, Thriving Communities

Our Vision

All people in Australia are enabled to lead contributing lives in socially and economically thriving communities.

Our Mission

Promote understanding of the outcomes that matter and drive transformational change across service systems for people with lived experience of mental health issues.

Our Values


  • We believe everyone is capable of great things in a great environment.
  • We strive for success and celebrate it when we achieve it.
  • We know and use evidence to inform our decisions.
  • We support innovation and continuous improvement, and are committed to helping build the evidence base.
  • We are credible and trusted.


  • We are honest and trustworthy in all that we do.
  • We stand up for what we believe in.
  • We respect each other’s differences.
  • We value human rights and social justice.
  • We believe in equity and opportunity for all.


  • We value individuals, interactions and connectedness.
  • We respect and acknowledge everyone’s input, skills and experience.
  • We believe in working together.
  • We acknowledge the importance of effective communication.
  • We support engagement and participation at all levels to enhance our outcomes.


  • We value our independence and transparency.
  • We take accountability for our commitments and actions and expect no less of others.
  • We are reflective and open to feedback.
  • We ensure correct information.