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Welcome to the National Mental Health Commission Annual Report 2019-20

The National Mental Health Commission's Annual Report 2019-20 provides an account of the activities undertaken during the 2019-20 financial year.

This report details the performance of the National Mental Health Commission (the Commission) against the planned outcomes and performance criteria set out in the 2019-20 Health Portfolio Budget Statements and the National Mental Health Commission’s Corporate Plan 2019-23.

The Commission’s aim is to be a respected and authoritative national leader in the development of an integrated and well-functioning mental health and suicide prevention system that is person centred and connected, and supports better mental health and wellbeing in Australia.

The Commission’s purpose is to provide robust policy advice and evidence on ways to improve Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention system, and to act as a catalyst for change to achieve those improvements through monitoring and reporting on investment in mental health and suicide prevention initiatives and ongoing engagement with stakeholders across the mental health and related sectors.

Through collaboration and engagement the Commission incorporates information and data from a broad range of sources, both inside and outside the traditional health or mental health areas, across sectors, jurisdictions and communities and internationally to provide evidence based reports and advice that represent diverse perspectives and are connected to community need.