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2.2 Performance and Purposes

This section reports on performance and outcomes against the 2019–20
Corporate Plan and Portfolio Budget Statements.


The National Library of Australia was established by the National Library
Act 1960. In accordance with that Act, the Library collects documentary
resources relating to Australia and the Australian people so that the
Australian community—now and in the future—can discover, learn and create
new knowledge.

In an increasingly digital creative and research environment, the Library
expands its reach through delivery of world-leading digital platforms, and
collaborates with others to develop critical digital research infrastructure,
contributing to Australia’s rich, diverse and enduring culture and heritage.


The Library has three strategic priorities:
  collect—we collect today what will be important tomorrow
  connect—we connect with communities, and connect communities with
their national collections
  collaborate—we collaborate with others to maximise the national impact of
cultural collections.