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Australian Joint Copying Project

A collection of historical material relating to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific dating from 1560 to 1984. The material has been drawn from records held in the United Kingdom and microfilmed for access at the National Library.

Australian National Bibliographic Database

A large bibliographic database containing records from a number of sources, including national cataloguing agency records from Australia and overseas and original cataloguing contributed by Australian libraries

Australian Web Archive

A collection of website snapshots from 1996 to the present, including the PANDORA Web Archive (a collection created in partnership with cultural institutions around Australia), government websites formerly accessible through the Australian Government Web Archive, and websites from the .au domain collected annually through large-scale crawl harvests

born-digital content

Material produced in digital form

Copies Direct

A service providing copies of material from the National Library of Australia’s collections

Digital Classroom

An online platform delivering Library content to teachers and students from Years 3 to 12. Modules are aligned with the Australian Curriculum

digital repatriation

The return of items of cultural heritage in a digital format to the communities from which they originated


Provision, by publishers, of copies of electronic publications to the Library; the Library is entitled to copies of electronic publications under legal deposit provisions in the Copyright Act 1968, and also through Premier’s Circulars and other government agreements


1 million gigabytes

PROMPT Collection

Performing Arts and Ephemera Collection

Public Service Modernisation Fund

An Australian Government funding initiative to assist agencies to manage their transformation to a more modern public sector


A national discovery service implemented by the Library in 2009, providing a single point of access to a wide range of traditional and digital content from Australian collections and global information sources

Trove Collaborative Services Agreement

An agreement between the National Library and its Trove partners, setting out the terms and conditions under the new Trove Collaborative Services framework