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Activity 4 - Progressing constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians during the current parliamentary term, provided there is consensus and a good chance of a referendum succeeding.

Intended result

Support the process to provide advice to the Government on options for constitutional recognition and a referendum within the current parliamentary term.



Delivery within the announced timeframe.


Assessment against timeframe.


Within the current parliamentary term.


Corporate Plan 2019–20, Page 11.



Partially achieved

Process was supported.


In line with the recommendations of the 2018 Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the Government supports finalising co-design of a voice ahead of constitutional recognition.

The COvID-19 pandemic resulted in Minister Wyatt providing an updated timeframe for the Indigenous voice co-design process on 12 June 2020. Minister Wyatt noted that the substantial impact of COvID-19 could impact on the timing of reaching a consensus and progressing to a referendum within the current parliamentary term.