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Unity Housing Company Limited

“Unity Housing’s ability to invest in future housing projects with certainty has increased dramatically with NHFIC’s long-term, low cost finance.” - Matthew Woodward CEO, Unity Housing

Total loan of $38 million

NHFIC’s financing has helped Unity Housing Company Limited (Unity) meet its SA Government Stock Transfer Program obligations, delivering more affordable and social housing.

Unity is the largest CHP in South Australia and provides safe and secure affordable and sustainable housing solutions to vulnerable people and people on low incomes, particularly those living with disabilities or experiencing homelessness. Unity currently owns 1,200 dwellings and manages around 3,000 dwellings which house more than 4,500 people.

The AHBA loan has enabled Unity to refinance existing debt and a working capital facility. The loan will be used to help fund the construction of its development pipeline relating to the SA Government Stock Transfer Program.

It is estimated that NHFIC’s finance will save Unity at least $3 million in interest and other costs, potentially funding the construction of 10 additional dwellings over the 10-year term of the loan.

NHFIC’s long-term and more affordable fixed financing is vital in supporting Unity to maintain and deliver incremental new social and affordable housing in South Australia.

Image of Bowden development

Affordable housing outcomes

The purpose of the loan is to increase affordable housing supply. It will achieve this by the following outcomes:

Existing dwellings: Refinancing more than 400 social and affordable dwellings.

Potential additional dwellings: Providing essential capital to underpin a construction program aiming to deliver up to 100 new dwellings over the next 10 years.

Anticipated interest savings: Around $3 million over the 10-year loan term.

Possible outcomes from interest savings: With the potential cost savings it is anticipated that Unity could develop an additional 10 dwellings (assuming $330k construction cost) over the term of the loan or fund community programs for their tenants.