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Environmental reporting

Ecologically Sustainable Development— EPBC Act reporting

NHFIC has a statutory obligation under Section 516A of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 to report on how its activities accord with Ecologically Sustainable Development principles. NHFIC complies with this responsibility through application of its Good Corporate Citizenship Policy, as outlined in the Environmental Footprint section below.

Good Corporate Citizenship Policy

NHFIC’s Good Corporate Citizenship Policy is consistent with the Australian Government’s expectations outlined in the NHFIC Investment Mandate. Section 31 of the Investment Mandate requires NHFIC to have regard to Australian best-practice governance principles, and the Australian best-practice corporate governance for commercial financiers when performing its functions, including developing and annually reviewing policies with regard to environmental, social and governance issues.

Environmental Footprint

In 2018–19, NHFIC operated from one location, a head office in Sydney, New South Wales, where NHFIC has a SLA with Export Finance Australia. Further information on the SLA with Export Finance Australia is provided in the Our people and culture section of this Annual Report.