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Corporate governance

NHFIC is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance which it considers essential to being a long-term sustainable organisation and to continually act in the best interests of the Australian public.

In order to develop a governance framework that is fit-for-purpose and appropriate for NHFIC’s size and function, NHFIC considered its statutory responsibilities under the NHFIC Act, Investment Mandate, PGPA Act, PGPA Rule and other relevant legislation, as well as the relevant parts of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles & Recommendations (4th edition), which are considered the benchmark for good corporate governance practices in Australia.

Figure 3: The corporate governance structure at NHFIC

 Audit and Risk Committee and Bond Issue and Due Diligence Management Committee. The Chair is Brendan Crotty. The Board oversees the work of the CEO, Nathan Dal Bon. The CEO oversees the work of the Senior Executives. NHFIC has also established a Credit Committee that reports to the CEO as part of their governance structure.