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Employee benefits

Flexible working

We support flexible work practices and we work with our people to help them manage work, personal, family and other needs.

Our people are equipped with technology to work remotely from the NHFIC office. We encourage agile working by providing creative workspaces and break-out areas. NHFIC employees have both formal and informal flexible work arrangements.

Wellbeing initiatives

Our people’s mental and physical health are important to us. We offer our people yearly flu vaccinations and access to an employee assistance program. Through this program our people and their immediate family members have access to a free, confidential counselling service, along with other services including nutrition, legal and financial.

Work health and safety

We take a pragmatic, risk-based approach to maintaining our work health and safety compliance framework and management practices. Our strong culture of incident notification and investigation includes reporting any accidents or ‘near misses’. Incidents and near misses are managed, with proactive measures put in place to reduce the potential risks identified.

We work closely with Export Finance Australia around work health and safety. Export Finance Australia’s Health and Safety Representative conducts regular inspections of our workspace. We engage with our people on work health and safety matters, including the adequacy of facilities, and take steps to ensure a positive, productive and risk-free working environment.

New employees and consultants are provided with an in-depth induction program that includes a work health and safety overview with Export Finance Australia’s Health and Safety Representative. We provide our people with training on workplace behaviour as part of our ongoing compliance program. Our first aid officer also undergoes regular training.

We record and monitor hazards and controls. For the reporting period, NHFIC has not, in relation to work health and safety matters, been investigated or received any notices. There were no ‘notifiable incidents’ under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 during 2018–19.

Indemnities and insurance

Our employees and Board members were indemnified during 2018–19 in relation to liabilities and related legal costs incurred as officers of NHFIC. The scope of this indemnity is consistent with legislative requirements.

We also maintained and paid premiums for professional indemnity insurance and directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, including cover for certain legal costs. We did not pay out any amount in connection with any Board member or employee indemnities during the financial year.