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400+ more dwellings

Supporting over 400 new social and affordable dwellings.

$450m+ loans committed to CHPs

More than $450m in loans provided to CHPs to drive the supply of social and affordable housing.

<3% interest rate

The funds raised by NHFIC’s first social bond were lent at an interest rate of less than 3%.

$50m+ cost savings over 10-year loan term

NHFIC’s innovative financing model is delivering an estimated $50m+ in financial cost savings for CHPs over the 10-year term of the loans, enabling them to invest more in new social and affordable housing.

$315m social bond

NHFIC’s debut $315m bond issue was 4x over-subscribed with total bids in excess of $1.3b.

$1.5m Capacity Building Program

Established a $1.5m Capacity Building Program to support tier 2 & 3 CHPs access NHFIC’s finance.

Established a best-practice governance regime

Strong governance arrangements established, including appropriate controls to provide transparency and accountability to the Board and Management on NHFIC’s operations.

A graphic outline of NHFIC's highlights for the financial year 2018-19

A second outline of NHFIC's highlights