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Our values

At NHFIC we are guided by our core values which underpin our organisation’s culture, the way we go about our work, how we interact with our stakeholders and how we deliver on our purpose.

ONE TEAM—Creating solutions together

We foster constructive and transparent relationships with one another and our stakeholders, being agile and open to new ideas. We nurture talent and build collaborative teams, supporting achievement and work-life balance.

RESPECT—Valuing every individual

We respect each other and value diverse experience, expertise and backgrounds. We are honest, trustworthy, ethical and fair.

EXCELLENCE—Driving optimal results

We strive to be a high-performance organisation and we support our people to make informed decisions, operating within a governance framework based on transparency and accountability.

COMMITMENT—Making a difference

We are committed and engaged in delivering our purpose, dedicated to the success of our stakeholders and each other.