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Organisational structure

In 2020-21, our structure ensured our resources were aligned to core functions and provided clear lines of reporting for our agency.

Figure 7 “Organisational structure as at 30 June 2021” shows the relationship between the NHFB’s organisational and governance elements.

Figure 7: Organisational structure as at 30 June 2021  The Administrator (of the National Health Funding Pool) - Michael Lambert The Chief Executive Officer (of the National Health Funding Body) - Shannon White The Administrator's Jurisdictional Advisory Committee The Independent Audit and Risk Committee The Director Data, Modelling and Analysis - Rayeed Rahman Chief Financial Officer - Nathan Dascarolis Director Policy, Planning and Performance - Beci Imbriano Risk, Assurance and Governance Committee Workplace Consultative Committee

Leadership team

Michael Lambert

​Image of Michael Lambert, Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool ​

The Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool

Michael was appointed Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool in July 2018.

Michael’s career has covered four broad areas: public sector policy and finance; investment banking; Non–Executive director roles; and working in areas related to the health sector. Michael spent 17 years in a range of senior state government positions culminating in the role of NSW Treasury Secretary. Michael has also held Non–Executive Directorships within the health sector, including the NSW Northern Suburbs Area Health Board and the NSW Cancer Council. Michael is currently a Non–Executive director with the Sax Institute, a not for profit organisation that seeks to align health research to health policy and programs in order to improve health outcomes.

Michael holds an Honours and Masters degree in Economics, a Masters in Philosophy and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Shannon White

Image of Shannon White, Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Funding Body

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Funding Body

Shannon was appointed Cheif Executive Officer of the NHFB in April 2018.

Shannon has a broad range of experience across national security, economic and social policy environments. Shannon has 28 years’ experience in the APS across Health, Immigration and Border Protection and Defence with his previous roles having a strong focus on financial management and strategic advice on budget related policy and operational matters.

In his previous senior executive role in Health System Financing at the Department of Health, Shannon worked extensively on national health reform issues and represented the Australian Government at a number of national and international committees. These included health system fiscal sustainability as well as the negotiations on public hospital funding under the two Addendums to the NHR Agreement.

Photo of Nathan Dascarolis, Rayeed Rahman, Beci Imbriano and Shannon White
Left to right: Nathan Dascarolis, Rayeed Rahman, Beci Imbriano and Shannon White

Rayeed Rahman

Director, Data, Modelling and Analysis

Rayeed joined the NHFB as Director, Data Modelling and Analysis in March 2021. The Data, Modelling and Analysis section develop and operate models that determine the Commonwealth funding contribution to LHNs for delivering public hospital services (over $22.4 billion for 2020-21). The section also reconciles estimated and actual service volumes through a range of data submissions (over 39 million records each year) related to public hospital funding. The Data, Modelling and Analysis section is also responsible for linking hospital activity data with Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) claims data to identify if the Commonwealth has potentially paid for the same hospital more than once (over 595 million MBS records per annum).

Rayeed has more than 12 years experience across the APS in economics, forecasting and modelling, policy analysis, research and evaluation. He has an Honours in Economics from the Australian National University, and has commenced his Masters in Applied Economics.

Nathan Dascarolis

Chief Financial Officer

Nathan joined the NHFB in April 2020 as Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for the Finance section. The Finance section provide financial support to the NHFB CEO and the Administrator, including managing the National Health Funding Pool Payments System, processing Commonwealth, State and Territory deposits and payments into and out of the Pool as well as facilitating authorisation by the Administrator for payments to LHNs and other providers.

The Finance section are also responsible for the production of NHFB and individual Pool Financial Statements for auditing by the Australian National Audit Office and each State and Territory’s Auditor-General respectively.

Prior to joining the NHFB, Nathan was an independent consultant, working with Commonwealth, State and Territory public sector agencies with a focus on financial management and governance. Nathan commenced his career working with professional services firms, working across both assurance and advisory functions. Nathan is a Chartered Accountant and has a Bachelor of Commerce from the Australian National University.

Beci Imbriano

Director, Policy Planning and Performance

Beci joined the NHFB in November 2018 as Director, Policy, Planning and Performance. The Policy, Planning and Performance section are responsible for developing the NHFB’s Strategic Direction, Corporate Plan, Portfolio Budget Statements and Annual Reports.

The section works with colleagues, jurisdictions; and portfolio agencies to maintain the full suite of Administrator’s policies:

  • Administrator’s Three Year Data Plan
  • Data Compliance Policy
  • Data Governance Policy
  • Calculation and Reconciliation Framework
  • Data Matching Business Rules.

The section also works with stakeholders to improve reporting of public hospital funding through the development of a strategic outlook of public hospital funding, trend reporting and analysis, including the publication of monthly funding and activity data on publichospitalfunding.gov.au.

The team also provide essential business support services to the NHFB, CEO and Administrator across risk management, assurance, governance, human resources, communications, security, management of Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) and Secretariat for the Administrator’s Jurisdictional Advisory Committee and Independent Audit and Risk Committee.

Prior to joining the NHFB, Beci spent 10 years in the APS across the Health and Immigration and Border Protection Portfolios in a number of stakeholder focused policy and operational roles, including reporting on system sustainability through modelling outcomes of policy settings and budget scenarios.

CASE STUDY - United Leadership

Through our leadership behaviour we foster the culture within which our team works. Good leaders won't leave culture to chance, they will be deliberate about it and stay committed throughout the ebbs and flows of the inevitable stress and pressure of the work. They know a good culture provides the platform for achieving strong work outcomes"

Darren Stephenson, Kirribilli Partners

In 2020-21, we continued to look for opportunities to further embed our United Leadership behaviours in all our work:


We contribute as a united team and encourage new ideas

Enhance Trust

We treat others as equals and collaborate openly across boundaries

Open Communication

We listen actively to the views of others and share information

Own It

We own our performance by knowing, accepting and performing our roles to the best of our ability

We did this through:

  • conducting regular all-staff meetings with external guests, including APS Senior Leaders, presenting on their experiences in leadership and culture
  • identifying workshops and forums for our staff to join that have a focus on leadership behaviours, workplace culture and performance
  • participating in the APS Census, and discussing our results as an agency. This included discussions on 'what are we proud of' and 'what could we do better' i.e. areas for improvement
  • discussing our progress against the areas we identified for improvement in monthly Organisational Performance meetings, which incorporates progress checks against our Corporate Plan objectives and key initiatives
  • incorporating our United Leadership behaviours into our Individual Performance and Development Agreements, reflecting that 'how' we do things is just as important as 'what' we do.

 One NHFB, Enhance Trust, Open Communication, Own It