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Agency Outcome

We consider our objectives tohavebeensubstantially mettoalevelthatachieves our purpose for the2017–18 reportingperiod.

We have fully meet 12 of our 20 performance criteria outlined in the 2017–18 Corporate Plan and PBS. The remaining eight rated assubstantiallyorpartiallymetduring thereportingperiod.

Of the six substantially met, four were unable to completely meet the performance criteria due to the Administrator position being vacant for the last quarter of the reporting period.1 Had an Administrator been in place, these criteria would have otherwise beenfullymet.These activities have already been, or will be addressed in 2018–19 by the new Administrator.

Significant progress was achieved on the remaining four criteria rated as partially met. These activities have been prioritised for 2018–19 and are now complete.

Reporting approach

Our performance is measured against our purpose through a range of criteria outlined in the 2017–18 Corporate Plan and 2017–18 PBS. These criteria include deliverables and performance measures that assess the value our activities create for stakeholders and partners.

There are four key objectives in the performance framework that must have been met to fulfil our purpose. Figure three provides an overview of our purpose in 2017–18, our PBS indicators, and our objectives from the 2017–18 Corporate Plan.

The following section reports on the four objectives set out in the Corporate Plan. It provides a performance summary for 2017–18 including challenges faced, and activities for improved performance in 2018–19.

Detailed analysis is also provided for each individual criterion to demonstrate how performance was met against each objective.


  1. The position of Administrator requires approval of all jurisdictions and the Commonwealth before being appointed.