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Our Team

We are an agile, professional and diligent portfolio agency. We have a small and specialised workforce that is educated, culturally diverse and gender balanced.

Our workplace is supported by a flexible legislative framework under the Public Service Act 1999. Our terms and conditions are governed by the National Health Funding Body Enterprise Agreement 2016–2019 (the EA).

We recognise that skilled, engaged and versatile people are critical to the achievement of our objectives.

We cultivate, value and support our workforce by:

+ developing the capabilities of our people to meet our work requirements

+ attracting and retaining skilled, adaptable and responsive people

+ promoting a culture where people work within and across teams to maximise expertise and produce results that benefit the agency as a whole

+ refining our organisational approaches to reflect the requirements of a small–sized organisation capable of responding quickly and flexibly to meet emerging requirements.

In 2017–18, we were classified as an extra small agency, with approximately 21 staff supporting the Administrator.

Three sections support the core activities of the organisation, including:

+ Data Modelling, Analysis and Policy

+ Finance and Reporting

+ Integrity, Assurance and Resourcing

Our Executive team consists of the CEO and the Director of each section.

Figure four highlights how our organisation fits within our broader public hospital stakeholder and partner group.