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Our Values and Governance Principles

We are committed to managing our capabilities to meet strategic objectives, statutory obligations and ethical standards.

This commitment is an integral part of our management practices, and is the foundation of our Corporate Governance Framework.

We are also committed to observing the APS Values and Code of Conduct, which represent our approach to interacting and collaborating with colleagues, stakeholders and the wider community.


We are apolitical and provide the Administrator with advice that is frank, honest, timely, and based on the best available evidence.


We are professional, objective, innovative and efficient, and work collaboratively to achieve the best results for our stakeholders and partners.


We are open and accountable to the Australian community under the National Health Reform Agreement (NHR Agreement) and the national health reform legislative requirements of the Commonwealth, States and Territories.


We respect all people, including their rights and heritage.


We demonstrate leadership, trust, and act with integrity in all that we do.

We have a structured approach to governance that supports the delivery of our purpose. Our Corporate Governance Framework sets a clear direction on organisational priorities and how progress is monitored.

The framework also provides assurance that management is achieving this direction in an ethical and legal way, and that risks and opportunities are recognised and addressed.

Elements of the framework include committees, business planning, risk and fraud management, audit and assurance activities, and policies and guidelines.