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Internal relations

Workplace committees

The following internal committees support our governance framework:

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is our primary decision–making body. It provides advice and recommendations to the CEO on policies, direction, initiatives, and immediate and emerging issues.

The Committee also acts as a forum for discussion, prioritisation, and forward planning.

Risk, Compliance and Business Continuity Committee

The Risk, Compliance and Business Continuity Committee provides assurance to the CEO and the Audit Committee

on the adequacy and effectiveness of our risk, control and compliance

frameworks and internal audit activities and assurance reviews. It also oversees management of business continuity.

Workplace Consultative Committee

The Workplace Consultative Committee brings together employees and management to cooperatively and collaboratively consult and discuss employment conditions, and health and safety matters.

Information Governance Committee

The Information Governance Committee provides oversight on the implementation of Commonwealth digital initiatives.

These initiatives include Digital Continuity 2020 (National Archives), Whole of Government Digital Records Transformation (Department of Finance), and initiatives promoted by the Digital Transformation Office.