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Increasing transparency of our reporting

Section 240 of the NHR Act requires the Administrator to provide monthly reports to the Commonwealth, States and Territories, and then make them publicly available.

These reports are prepared once data is verified by States and Territories and then published on the Administrator’s website (publichospitalfunding.gov.au).

National, State and Territory reports, are produced each month, along with LHN reports. Ministers, jurisdictional officials, researchers

and members of the public can use the monthly reports to review and compare funding to LHNs.

The reports detail the:

+ amounts paid into each State Pool Account and State Managed Fund by the relevant State and Territory by the Commonwealth.

+ amounts paid from each State Pool Account or State Managed Fund to LHNs, or other State Managed Funds to other organisations or funds.

+ number of public hospital services funded for each LHN, including as a running financial year total.

+ number of other public hospital services and functions funded from each State Pool Account or State Managed Fund, including a running financial year total.

To assist in the collation of information with related data from the CCM, States and Territories have two weeks following month–end to provide the data specified in the Administrator’s Three–Year Data Plan

Exempt contracts

We did not enter into any contracts that were exempt from publication on the AusTender website.

Advertising and market research

We did not undertake any advertising campaigns or market research in 2017–18.

We are committed to observing the APS Values and Code of Conduct