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We engage with a range of internal and external stakeholders to facilitate the work of the Administrator.

We have adopted a collaborative approach to this engagement through established networks so that jurisdictions can provide insight and guidance for our operations.

Productive discussions provide valuable guidance to help all parties understand the basis of funding calculations outcomes and build trust in our functions.

We will continue our approach in 2018–19 by also looking for further opportunities to enhance the services provided to stakeholders and partners.

Supporting the Administrator’s relationships

We support the Administrator’s relationships by:

+ providing advice to the Commonwealth Treasurer on NHR funding

+ reporting to the COAG Health Council on the operations of the Pool

+ building relationships and providing advice to all jurisdictional Health Ministers and Chief Executives of Health Departments.

Intergovernmental Relations Committees

We engage with stakeholders through a number of interjurisdictional committees, including:

+ managing the Administrator’s JAC and its secretariat functions

+ supporting the Administrator’s representation on the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council and its committees, where appropriate

+ working in collaboration with a number of external national health committees

+ representation on the IHPA’s JAC and Technical Advisory Committee in conjunction with the Administrator.

The Administrator’s JAC is an advisory committee of senior States and Territory representatives,

and relevant Commonwealth departments and agencies. The JAC considers strategic issues of national health reform that are the Administrator’s responsibility.

The JAC met three times during 2017–18, in August and November 2017, and February 2018.


We work closely with the Administrator and State and Territory Auditors–General on the development and audit of the State Pool Accounts. We also work with the Commonwealth Auditor–General for the audit of the CCM, and our financial statements.


In 2017–18, we engaged consultants when specialist expertise or independent research, review or assessment was required. Decisions to engage consultants are made in accordance with the PGPA Act and related regulations. This includes the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and internal policies.

During 2017–18, we entered into four new consultancy contracts involving total actual expenditure of $115,283 (inclusive of GST). We have no ongoing consultancy contracts.

Our annual report contains information about actual expenditure on contracts for consultancies. Information on the value of contracts and consultancies is available on the AusTender website.