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Audits and assurance reviews

The internal audit and assurance function is provided by a combination of in–house and contracted resources to provide assurance to the CEO and the Audit Committee.

Audits provide independent assurance that our risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

An integral part of the internal audit and assurance function is the review of the Payments System. This is in accordance with the Framework for Assurance Engagements issued by the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board. The review of the Payments System concluded:

+ the description of the system and controls in the Framework fairly represents the system

+ controls are suitably designed to achieve the identified control objectives detailed in the Framework

+ the controls operated effectively throughout the year.

We undertook the following internal audits in 2017–18 using in–house and contracted resources:

2017–18 Internal audits and assurance

Commonwealth Contribution Model

+ Integrity of methodology and formulas

+ Completeness, accuracy and validity of formulas and inputs of base model and all updates

+ Review of CCM system business requirements

+ Development and implementation of a replacement in 2018–19

+ Review of Change and Release Management


+ Compliance audit of completeness and accuracy of reconciling adjustments

Payments System

+ Network and desktop issues including compliance with the Service Level Agreement with the Department of Human Services

+ Control Framework, including independent review and proposed actions

National health reform

+ Ability of Administrator to perform functions

Protective Security Policy Framework and Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Security

+ Annual reviews of compliance

Portable and attractive items

+ Review and update of register