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Performance management framework

NHMRC’s performance management framework, Workplace Conversations,was implemented last year andprovides a simple, more streamlined approach to performance management. It emphasises the importance of regular, forward-looking, formal and informal performance conversations in the workplace. The framework applies equally to all staff, contractors and SES officers. Through the framework, each staff member agrees with their manager on their goals for the year. Formal performance discussions and assessments between managers and staff occur at least twice per year, with regular informal discussions strongly encouraged to provide ongoing feedback, direction and supported development. Staff and their managers discuss individual development plans to ensure that staff have the capability to meet their agreed goals.

We also recognise the need to manage underperformance, whether it relates to an employee’s skills and capabilities or their behaviour and conduct. Where performance concerns are identified, managers and staff are supported to consider job fit, ensure that expectations are clearly articulated, address any capability gaps, and provide regular actionable feedback with the goal of closing any performance gap. When this is not successful, the agency may initiate its formal underperformance process.