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Learning and development

During this reporting period, we have continued to implement our Learning and Development Strategy and Plan, which underpins our commitment to the ongoing professional development of our staff. Strengthening the capability of our workforce helps us achieve our mission and purposes.

Based on the 70:20:10 model of learning, which presumes that individuals gain 70% of their learning through work experience, 20% from interactions with others and 10% from formal training, we made professional development opportunities accessible through:

  • on-the-job learning
  • online learning through the Australian Government’s Learnhub platform
  • APS forums and training, such as the APS Core Skills program
  • external training and conferences
  • access to study assistance
  • support for membership of professional development associations
  • secondment opportunities, including placements in Indigenous organisations through the Jawun APS Secondment Program and in several APS agencies.

We value the professional capability of staff. Results of the 2019 APS employee census showed that more than two-thirds of NHMRC respondents possessed a Bachelor degree or higher qualification. Qualifications in medicine and health sciences, held by more than 30% of respondents, continue to be the most common.