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Management Structure

Executive remuneration
The Council determines the Director’s remuneration in accordance with the Remuneration Tribunal’s framework for Principal Executive Officers (PEO). All other National Gallery staff are engaged under the National Gallery Act 1975.

The six Assistant Director positions are Senior Executive Service (SES) Band 1 equivalents. Performance bonuses totalling $125,000 were awarded during the year to eligible employees which are determined by performance review. Non-salary benefits for SES staff included electronic devices, parking and payment in lieu of a vehicle.

Tables G1 and G2 detail the average remuneration at each band for senior executives.

Senior Management Group
The Senior Management Group (SMG) is responsible for performance and corporate management at the Gallery. With the support of Department Heads, the SMG monitors the achievement of corporate strategies and objectives, oversees financial management and resourcing needs and coordinates activities across all areas of the organisation.

The SMG includes the Director, four Assistant Directors, the Chief Finance Officer, the Chief Operating Officer, the Head of Communications and Content and the Head of Development and Executive Director, National Gallery of Australia Foundation, who are responsible for the Gallery’s eight program

1. Indigenous Engagement
2. Corporate Services
3. Curatorial and Exhibitions
4. Marketing and Engagement
5. Finance, Governance and Commercial Operations
6. Learning and Digital
7. Communications and Content
8. Development and National Gallery of Australia Foundation

The Assistant Directors, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer are equivalent to the Australian Public Service (APS) Senior Executive Service (SES) Band 1 classification. The Chief Finance Officer is on secondment from a Commonwealth Government department, and remuneration and conditions for that position are covered by a memorandum of understanding between the Gallery and the relevant department. The Head of Communications and Content, and the Head of Development and Executive Director, National Gallery of Australia Foundation, are Executive Level 2. Remuneration and conditions for all other SES positions are covered by employment contracts made between the Director and the employee.

These contracts are subject to the provisions of the National Gallery Act 1975, Fair Work Act 2009, Long Service Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1976, Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1973, Superannuation Act 1976, Superannuation Act 1990, Superannuation Act 2005, Superannuation Productivity Benefit Act 1988, Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011. They are made in accordance with the Gallery’s Senior Executive Remuneration Guidelines and provide for a total remuneration approach that includes salary, allowances and employer superannuation contributions. SES contracts provide for performance pay in accordance with the guidelines. Non-salary benefits for SES staff include electronic devices and parking.

Appendix G provides a table of the average remuneration for executive staff in the reporting year in accordance with subsection 17CB(4) of the PGPA Rule.

Other highly paid staff
The Gallery did not have any non-SMG staff in the reporting period whose remuneration exceeded the threshold amount in the PGPA Rule of $230,000.

Department Heads
Department Heads are actively engaged in developing and monitoring programs that meet the Gallery's key goals and priorities. Department Heads meet once every fortnight on average to discuss a wide range of operational and strategic matters, and to ensure effective management control and project oversight across departments.

National Gallery committees
The Gallery’s committees coordinate efforts across departments to achieve specific performance targets and operational objectives. They reflect the Gallery’s long-term goals and key priorities but are also subject to change to meet priorities identified in the corporate plan. Committees active during the 2020–21 year included the:

  • Senior Management Group
  • Department Heads
  • Gallery Consultative Committee
  • Work Health and Safety Committee
  • Business Continuity Team
  • Risk Management Advisory Committee
  • ICT Investments and Projects Committee
  • Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group
  • Ethics Advisory Group
  • Child Safety Framework Working Group
  • Gender Equity Action Plan Working Group
  • Disability Inclusion Action Plan Working Group
  • Sustainability Action Plan Working Group
  • Tessitura System Working Group
  • Provenance Working Group
  • Loans Advisory Group
  • Content Committee