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Reporting framework

Reporting framework

The National Gallery of Australia delivers one outcome achieved by delivering one program as outlined in its Portfolio Budget Statements 2018–19 (PBS). Strategies for meeting this outcome and the Gallery’s priorities for the coming years are detailed in the 2018–2019 National Gallery of Australia Corporate Plan. These activities align closely to the performance criteria specified in the PBS.

Reporting frameworkFigure 1.1 shows the relationship between the Gallery's Portfolio Budget Statements, Corporate Plan and Annual Performance Statements. The Gallery only has one Outcome and one program in its portfolio budget statements which is then supported by three strategies in its coporate plan to achieve its activities. All three strategies are then reported against in our Annual Performance Statements.
Figure 3: The relationship between the National Gallery's Portfolio Budget Statements, corporate plan and annual performance statements

Portfolio Budget Statements

The Gallery’s PBS identifies the outcome, associated program, performance criteria and targets that the Government uses to assess its performance for the financial year.


  • Increased understanding, knowledge and enjoyment of the visual arts by providing access to, and information about, works of art locally, nationally and internationally.


  • Collection development, management, access and promotion
  • The National Gallery aims to build and maintain an outstanding national collection of works of art, providing access locally, nationally and internationally. It achieves this through the ongoing development of the national collection and delivery of inspirational exhibitions, supported by research, scholarship, education and public programs.

Corporate plan

The 2018–2019 National Gallery of Australia Corporate Plan covers the four-year period from 2018–19 to 2021–22 and identifies three strategies associated with a set of objectives, actions and performance measures that can be linked to the Gallery’s outcome and program in its PBS.


  • Strategy 1: Collections and exhibitions
    Build and share Australia’s national collection of art and present compelling and relevant exhibitions.
  • Strategy 2: Audiences and engagement
    Engage broad and diverse people with art and ideas.
  • Strategy 3: Partnerships and sustainability
    Partner with others to maximise the impact of the national art collection.

Annual performance statements

The Gallery’s annual performance statements provide analysis of its performance in 2018–19 against the measures in its corporate plan and the targets identified in its PBS. The statements clearly link targets to the relevant source document—the corporate plan, PBS or
both—and have been developed in accordance with all relevant guidelines. Performance criteria are organised in relationship to the three strategies outlined in the Gallery’s corporate plan.

Following each strategy, further analysis is provided, including narrative discussion of the Gallery’s performance, its activities, helpful tables and charts. Case studies highlighting specific activities are also given to provide qualitative evidence of the breadth and variety of activities in which the Gallery was engaged in meeting its outcome and priorities during the year.

Annual performance statements

As the accountable authority of the National Gallery of Australia, I present the 2018–19 annual performance statements of the National Gallery of Australia, as required under subsection paragraph 39(1) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and covering the reporting period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

In my opinion, these annual performance statements are based on properly maintained records. They accurately present the National Gallery’s performance in the reporting period and comply with subsection 39(2) of the PGPA Act.

Ryan Stokes
Chair of Council

Reading the annual performance statements

The following annual performance statements provide the results and relevant analysis of the National Gallery’s performance in 2018–19 against the measures detailed in the 2018–2019 National Gallery of Australia Corporate Plan and the targets identified in its Portfolio Budget Statements 2018–19 (PBS). The performance criteria have been organised according to the strategies set out in the corporate plan. The source document of each measure is provided directly below the name of the measure, followed by a supporting statement that identifies significant developments or trends and other criterion-specific influences that may have affected the result.