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An integrated approach

Our Corporate Plan 2019–20 to 2022–23 outlines how we are going to achieve our purpose and work towards our vision of being smart, connected and open in order to have maximum impact and relevance to society. To deliver against our purpose and achieve our vision, we set five strategic priorities:

  1. Digitise the national audiovisual collection
  2. Establish the National Centre for Excellence in Audiovisual Heritage
  3. Build our national profile
  4. Collect, preserve and share multimedia and new media
  5. Redefine our physical presence

Our Corporate Plan is the NFSA’s primary planning and reporting document. It was developed and published in accordance with the requirements of section 35 of the PGPA Act.

In the plan there is a comprehensive range of both qualitative and quantitative performance measures to enable a holistic assessment of our outcomes and impact. Our Corporate Plan 2019–20 to 2022–23 is integrated with our business planning processes and we have systems in place to regularly monitor and report on our progress and achievements against the plan.

Our five strategic priorities and a selection of key performance criteria described in our Corporate Plan are integrated into our Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS).