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5.10 Other PGPA reportable items

Ministerial directions and government policy orders

The Agency did not receive any government policy orders or ministerial directions from the Minister for the NDIS in 2019–20.

No instances of significant non-compliance with finance law were reported to the responsible Minister under paragraph 19(1)(e) of the PGPA Act in 2019–20.

17BE(l)­—Outline of the location of major activities or facilities

The Agency has completed the rollout of service delivery sites across Australia. As at 30 June 2020, the Agency has staff members located in 188 sites, of which 83 sites are managed directly by the Agency and 105 sites are managed through co-location arrangements with other government entities.

The Minister for Government Services and the NDIS (Hon Stuart Robert MP) has advised that entities within the Social Services portfolio should consolidate and standardise service delivery sites where possible to achieve an alignment of whole-of-government service offerings. This is included as a strategic objective in the 2019–2025 Agency Strategic Property Plan.

Related entity transactions

Are addressed in the NDIA Financial Statements.

Obtaining information from subsidiaries

Not applicable—the Agency has no subsidiaries.

Indemnities and insurance premiums

The Agency purchased directors’ and officers’ liability cover from Comcover (the Commonwealth’s self-insurance fund). The premium paid in 2019–20 for this cover was $603,950.50.