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4.7 Staff engagement

The NDIA continues to build and embed a values-based culture that always puts participants at the heart of everything we do. The Agency seeks to deliver quality participant outcomes, through a safe and inclusive working environment which values the skill, commitment and wellbeing of our people.

We have an engaged workforce which in turn drives high performance. We conducted our own engagement survey given the COVID–19-driven deferral of the full APS Census. The survey was available to all Agency workers from 18 to 29 May 2020. The results indicate a continued strengthening of workforce engagement, with a response rate of 88 per cent and an Engagement Index1 score of 80 (an increase of 4 points in comparison to the 2019 APS Employee Census). This improvement reflects our team’s attachment to the Agency, and a strong sense of purpose and commitment to the work that they do.


  1. Engagement Index definition—the index measures the emotional connection and commitment employees have to working for their organisation. It comprises three elements: • Say—the extent to which team members are advocates of the organisation. • Stay—the extent to which team members are committed to the organisation and want to stay. • Strive—the extent to which team members are willing to put in discretionary effort to excel in their jobs and help the organisation succeed.