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NDIA purpose

The purpose of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is to increase the ability of individuals with a significant and permanent disability (participants) to be more independent, and engage more socially and economically, at the same time as delivering a financially sustainable Scheme that inspires community and stakeholder confidence.

Drawing on the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Disability Reform Council (DRC) expectations, the NDIA’s purpose is supported by four aspirations, as outlined in the NDIA Corporate Plan 2018–22, and illustrated in Figure 0.1. The four aspirations are:

  1. A quality experience and outcomes for participants
  2. A growing and competitive market with innovative supports
  3. A financially sustainable scheme
  4. A high-performing NDIA.

The COAG DRC’s expectations for participant and community outcomes, supporting market development, and safeguarding the sustainability of the NDIS are reflected in Aspirations 1, 2 and 3. The expectations for developing a high-performing NDIA, building and maintaining stakeholder confidence, and identifying risks early and managing risks well are reflected in Aspiration 4.

The new NDIA Corporate Plan for 2019–23 includes an additional aspiration that articulates the Agency’s recognition of the importance of a connected and engaged stakeholder sector. Further information on stakeholder engagement activities conducted in 2018–19 is provided in Chapter 1.4.

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Figure 0.1: NDIA purpose and aspirations, 2018–19

 1. A quality experience and outcomes for participants; 2. A growing and competitive market with innovative supports; 3. A financially sustainable scheme; 4. A high-performing NDIA.