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Commonwealth of Australia 2019

ISBN 978-0-9581457-7-0

This work is copyright. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, the work may be reproduced in whole or in part for study or research purposes, subject to the inclusion of an acknowledgement of the source. Questions about this report and inquiries concerning reproduction should be addressed to the Executive Director, National Competition Council at the address below or by email to info [at] ncc.gov.au.

Executive Director

National Competition Council
GPO Box 250


Phone: 1800 099 470

Email: info [at] ncc.gov.au

Information on the National Competition Council can be found on the internet at www.ncc.gov.au. An online version of this annual report is available at www.ncc.gov.au/publications/C41.

An appropriate citation for this paper is:

National Competition Council 2019, Annual Report 2018-19, Melbourne.

The National Competition Council

The National Competition Council was established on 6 November 1995 by the Competition Policy Reform Act 1995 following agreement by the Australian Government and state and territory governments. It is a statutory authority which functions as an independent advisory body for all governments on third party access regulation. Information on the National Competition Council, its publications and its current work program can be found on the internet at www.ncc.gov.au or by contacting the NCC on 1800 099 470.