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Administered Performance

In 2019-20, administered expenses increased by $5.261 million. This was due to an increase of $10.886 million in supplier expenses (following the transfer of funding for maintenance and operation costs for the National Capital Estate from Departmental to Administered), partially offset by a decrease in write-down and impairment of assets expense of $5.220 million.

Depreciation and asset write-down and impairment do not have an associated cash flow impact.

In 2019-20, total administered revenue decreased by $0.832 million, mainly due to a reduction in pay parking revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rental income for commercial buildings and diplomatic sites remained largely unchanged. This revenue is paid directly to consolidated revenue.

During 2019-20, the NCA’s administered assets were revalued, resulting in a revaluation adjustment of $129.172 million.

The net asset position increased by $120.145 million mainly due to the revaluation of assets. The NCA’s non-financial assets include land, buildings, infrastructure, plant, equipment and heritage assets on the National Capital Estate, all of which are subject to revaluation annually by an external valuer.