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Departmental Performance

In 2019-20, the NCA reported a departmental operating loss of $1.879 million, compared to an operating loss of $0.667 million in 2018-19. After adding back unfunded depreciation and amortisation expenses of $1.358 million, less principal repayments on leased assets of $0.323 million, the NCA had an actual operating loss of $0.844 million. The loss is mainly attributable to reduced own source revenue resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

At 30 June 2020, the NCA’s departmental net assets increased by $0.374 million. Financial assets decreased by $1.003 million mainly due to the reduction of appropriation receivables.

Non-financial assets increased by $2.144 million compared to the previous year mainly due to the increase in intangible assets (business systems). This impact is reflected in the closing equity position at 30 June 2020.