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Contact Information

Further information about the National Capital Authority (NCA) may be obtained by:

(02) 6271 2888

info [at] nca.gov.au


Postal Address:
GPO Box 373 Canberra ACT 2601

Requests and enquiries concerning the contents of this report should be addressed to the Annual Report Officer on 02 6271 2888. This report is also accessible from the NCA’s website (nca.gov.au) and at transparency.gov.au. The NCA’s Freedom of Information contact point is foi [at] nca.gov.au or 02 6271 2888.

Further information about the National Capital is available from the National Capital Exhibition, Barrine Drive, Commonwealth Park, Canberra. Opening hours and other details for the Exhibition and other NCA attractions are available at nca.gov.au.

Online event registration for the use of venues on National Land can also be found at our website: nca.gov.au.

Photo of National Carillon, Aspen Island photographed by Dom Northcott