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CASE STUDY - Tree Management Policy

Tree Management Policy

During 2019-20, the NCA developed its first Tree Management Policy.

Photo of Tree at Stirling Park, Yarralumla, photographed by Dom Northcott
The policy will guide the consistent and comprehensive long-term management of our treescapes and will be reviewed in ten years. An extensive community and stakeholder engagement process was conducted to develop the policy. Initiatives to achieve a comprehensive and widereaching consultation process included:

  • Developing a dedicated website,
  • Conducting a key stakeholders workshop (55 attendees),
  • Using local print and radio media, and
  • Conducting three online surveys.

The ‘Our Trees’ website, ourtrees.com.au, was developed to engage with the Australian community about the history and issues associated with tree management in the Central National Area (CNA) of Canberra. It has hosted three surveys: one to gather information about how people use the CNA and their views about the treescape, a second to obtain feedback on the Issues Paper, and a third to seek feedback on the draft Policy.

Responses to all surveys highlight the desire of many in the community for the NCA to protect the CNA’s heritage values as well as address issues such as a changing climate and making provision for wildlife.

The key objectives of the new policy are:

  • To build resilient landscapes so that the current and future benefits of NCA’s trees are maximised for the community and the environment.
  • To protect and manage the existing treescape for the diversity of benefits it offers for shade, amenity, heritage or biodiversity.
  • Growing the future treescape through proactive planning, replacing removed trees and planting additional trees where appropriate.
  • To demonstrate leading urban tree management practice and embed it into daily decision-making and providing leadership for other land managers.
  • To continue to monitor and evaluate the status of the treescape and the tree management program to continually improve decision making.

There are three policy targets to achieve during its ten years term:

  • Tree canopy cover will increase from 33 per cent to 40 per cent by 2030.
  • Improve the age diversity of the treescape by ensuring at least 10 per cent of the population are juvenile.
  • Improve the existing diversity of species so that no one species represents more than 10 per cent of the tree population.

In 2020-21, the NCA will commence a range of initiatives to implement the new policy. Further information can be found at: ourtrees.com.au

Interesting facts:

  There are over 18,627 trees on NCA-managed land.

  In May 2020 the NCA planted 300 trees at Stirling Park with the Yarralumla Residents Association and Greening Australia.

  There is 33 per cent tree canopy cover across NCA-managed land.

  The NCA aims to increase canopy cover to 40 per cent by 2030.

  There are 1,738 Eucalyptus mannifera (Red Spotted Gum) on NCA-managed land.