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People and Relationships (cont.)

Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements

6.2 Key Management Personnel Remuneration

Key management personnel are those persons having authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the entity, directly or indirectly, including any director (whether executive or otherwise) of the entity. The NCA has determined the key management personnel to be the Authority Chair, independent Authority Members, Chief Executive, Chief Planner and Chief Operating Officer. Key management personnel remuneration is reported in the table below:





Short-term employee benefits



Post-employment benefits



Other Long-term employee benefits



Total key management personnel remuneration expenses




The total number of key management personnel that are included in the above table are 7 (2018: 8).

Prior year figures for key management personnel remuneration have been restated (from $891,000 total) to reclassify $40,000 from long-term to short-term employee benefits, and to reflect adjustments for bonuses paid and other allowances ($27,000) and an increase in post-employment benefits ($2,000).

1. The above key management personnel remuneration excludes the remuneration and other benefits of the Portfolio Minister. The Portfolio Minister's remuneration and other benefits are set by the Remuneration Tribunal and are not paid by the NCA.

6.3 Related Party Disclosures

The NCA is an Australian Government controlled entity. Related parties to the NCA are its key management personnel including the Portfolio Minister, Authority and Executive, and other Australian Government entities.

Transactions with related parties:

Key management personnel

Given the breadth of Government activities, related parties may transact with the government sector in the same capacity as ordinary citizens. Such transactions may include the payment or refund of taxes, receipt of a Medicare rebate or higher education loan. Such transactions are not separately disclosed in this note.

At 30 June 2019, the NCA received declarations from its key management personnel in relation to related parties for the 2018-19 financial year.

No transactions were identified that are required to be reported in this note.

Other Australian Government entities

The following significant transactions with other Australian Government entities occurred during the financial year:





­ Sponsored construction works



­ Parking services