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CASE STUDY - Footpath Renewal

The NCA have around 279,000 m2 of paved areas; 209,000 m2 of shared paths and 70,000 m2 paved open spaces. Of the 209,000 m2 of shared paths, some, 193,000 m2 is concrete, 11,000 m2 is asphaltic concrete and 5,000 m2 is landscaped gravel.

All NCA’s shared paths are available for shared or mixed-use, such as walking, bicycling, inline skating, people in wheelchairs and since 1 July 2017, personal mobility device (such as a Segway or Segway-type device).

As part of a program of work enabled by additional funding for 2018-19, NCA undertook a project to remediate and improve the condition of the NCA’s concrete paths. The project designed and renewed around 4000 m2 of path sections of various sizes, and renewed some 20 kerb ramps. The total project cost was approximately $790,000.

The unit cost for the work benchmarks favourably with an industry standard considering the number of small sites, higher specified architectural finishes commensurate with the national significance, and heritage value of the sites. The project has demonstrated value for money for the Commonwealth.

While the age and condition profiles of NCA paths are checked regularly, the NCA had a backlog of work to bring them up to appropriate condition and to meet current standards. The paths main failure mechanisms are due to the paths originally constructed without reinforcement steel and forces such as excess vehicular loading and growth of tree roots.