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Financial Overview

As a not-for-profit statutory authority, the, the NCA’s primary source of operating revenue is departmental appropriation from the Australian Government. In addition, the NCA generates regular revenue through property rentals and from processing works approval applications.

The NCA uses this funding to deliver its two programs: National Capital Functions and National Capital Estate. Delivery of these programs includes administration and overhead costs required to run the agency’s operations. The majority of costs incurred by the NCA relate to the maintenance and preservation of National Capital assets under its control.

The NCA also receives funding from non- government entities or state and territory government agencies to facilitate construction activities on their behalf. Usually these projects relate to the construction of memorials and upgrades to assets in the National Capital. The funding received is accounted for in the NCA’s departmental operations.

The NCA receives administered appropriations to carry out activities on behalf of the Australian Government. These activities primarily involve the maintenance and operation of the National Capital Estate and construction and upgrade of assets in the National Capital. The NCA also manages land for diplomatic use and collects rental income from embassies on the Australian Government’s behalf.