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Learning and Development

There are many benefits of our employee’s attending learning and development opportunities, such as, increased job satisfaction, staff morale and performance levels. It also develops future skills necessary for the NCA to deliver on our organisational outcomes.

The NCA, as an agency is attentive to our employee’s career development and recognises the importance of encouraging and promoting an individual’s learning and development needs. These opportunities are aligned with the NCA’s priorities and the professional needs of each employee.

The NCA provides assistance for employees who wish to undertake studies to obtain entry into a tertiary institution, a degree, diploma, associate diploma or any other recognised qualification that is assessed as relevant to our employee’s current position responsibilities or future career advancements.

Annually, the NCA requires all employees to attend priority in-house training activities as part of our performance management framework. Where possible the NCA uses the knowledge base and expertise of our own employees to meet specific training needs.