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Small Business Support

The NCA supports small business participation in the Commonwealth Government procurement market. Small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) and small enterprise participation statistics are available on the Department of Finance’s website at www.finance.gov.au.

The NCA seeks to support SMEs, consistent with paragraph 5.4 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. It ensures that its communications are expressed in clear and simple language.

The NCA provides guidance and instruction to its employees regarding procurement policy, procedure and best practice through its Accountable Authority Instructions (AAIs).

It also provides procurement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and general guidance information through its information management system and its intranet. NCA employees are encouraged to consider the inclusion of SMEs in all their procurement and purchasing undertakings.

In its AAIs and SOPs the NCA has mandated the use of the Commonwealth Contracting Suite for appropriate procurement processes and contracts up to $200,000. This is in accordance with the Resource Management Guide 420 – Mandatory Use of the Commonwealth Contracting Suite for procurement under $200,000.

The NCA recognises the importance of ensuring that small businesses are paid on time. The NCA complies with all payment requirements, aiming to ensure that invoices that are correctly rendered are paid within 30 days of the date of receipt of the invoice.

Advertising Campaigns

During 2018–19 the NCA did not conduct any advertising campaigns.


During 2018–19 the NCA did not award any grants.

Information Publication Scheme

The NCA is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) and is required to publish information for public access as part of the Information Publication Scheme (IPS). The NCA’s Agency Plan in relation to the IPS is located https://www.nca.gov.au/about-the-NCA/corporate-documents/freedom-information/information-publication-scheme.

Ministerial Directions

The NCA did not receive any Ministerial Direction in 2018-19.