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Purpose 2 - Place

Excellence in the care and custodianship of the National Capital’s special and symbolic places



Criteria Elements


2.1 Provide safe, functional, accessible and

attractive public space and infrastructure in the National Capital

The NCA continues to develop the capability and

governance arrangements to optimally manage

National Capital assets

Achieved - To ensure sound governance, the NCA has an established Project Management Framework, which include a Major Projects Committee, consisting of key senior staff from across the agency. The Committee meets monthly to review the progress of significant projects and to provide support as required to the project teams. Each project manager prepares a Project Summary Report on a monthly basis for the Committee.

The Asset Management System (AMS) is fully

implemented and integrated, and used to inform strategic financial planning and programming of works

Partially Achieved – The NCA has completed an integrated asset register to align all financial and operational asset attributes.

Strategic asset management plans have been prepared for each asset class.

Full implementation of the AMS is expected in 2019-20.

All safety risks are assessed and actioned

according to their risk profile

Achieved – safety risks, hazards and corrective actions were monitored and actioned throughout the year and were reported at each Board meeting

Over 90% of maintenance issues or identified capital improvements are addressed within target timeframes, based on safety risk and priority

Achieved - 92% of maintenance issues and hazards identified by the public were address in 2018-19.

There is a high level of visitor and user satisfaction

Achieved – 99.5% of visitors to the National Capital Exhibition and related programs rated their experience as either excellent or good.

Safety for visitors, contractors and staff is enhanced through early risk identification and mitigation

Achieved – Risk registers were maintained throughout the year. Identified safety risks were prioritised according to their risk profile.

2.2 Develop opportunities to create assets and experiences to enhance the significance of the National Capital

A ten-year Capital Works Plan (CWP) is

developed, maintained and delivered, in line with

the Strategic Financial Plan and relevant Master


Achieved – Ten year capital works plan prepared. In 2018-19, 94% of planned capital improvement works were undertaken in line with annual plans.

NCA systems associated with development and

delivery of projects demonstrate continuous

improvement, meeting Whole-of-Government

requirements, NCA project needs and ‘best

practice’ guidelines

Achieved – The NCA Project Management Framework, which documents the processes for the effective management of safety, procurement, schedule, budget and quality, has continued to be refined based on user feedback.

2.3 Facilitate recreational and commercial activities and events on National Land

There is an appropriate scale and type of recreational and commercial activities and events regularly and safely conducted on National Land and Lake Burley Griffin

Achieved – there were a total of 622 events held on National Land in 2018-19, compared with 539 in 2017-18, an increase of 15.4%. The NCA worked with event organisers to ensure appropriate safety and risk management arrangements were in place for events

A safe, accessible and functional environment for public use and events continues to be provided

Achieved – Identified hazards and risks were prioritised and addressed in line with their risk profile. The NCA worked with event organisers to ensure appropriate safety management was implemented for events.

Visitors to national institutions enjoy easy access to safe and convenient carparks

Achieved – utilisation of carparks remained consistent across the estate at approximately 70% occupancy. Parking machines were operational 99% of the time.

2.4 Protect and advance the National Capital Estate’s natural, heritage and cultural features

The natural, heritage and cultural features of National Land continue to be protected, advanced and celebrated, including biosecurity and Indigenous aspects

Achieved – the conservation areas managed by the NCA continue to be well managed in collaboration with key community groups. Improvements to the Blundells Cottage precinct were completed to enhance the heritage values.

There is good accessibility and active use of National

Land which recognises its natural, heritage and

cultural value including for walking and cycling.

Achieved – capital works were undertaken to improve pedestrian paths throughout the Parliamentary Zone and bike paths in the Yarramundi Grasslands.

Analysis of Performance Against Purpose

Asset Management System

The NCA has continued undertaking the three-year project to update its Asset Management System based on the review and recommendation outlined in the Asset Management Strategy. In 2018-19 the NCA focused on:

  • preparing an Integrated Asset Register to align all the financial and operational attributes across the asset base to allow for efficient interfacing between systems
  • developing strategic asset management plans for each asset class
  • preparing for implementation of a cloud-based asset management system.

Following an open-market tender process, the NCA entered into contract with BGIS to provide managing contractor services across its portfolio of built assets. BGIS are responsible for achieving service standards for maintenance across all NCA managed buildings, roads, paths, lighting and utilities to ensure community safety is protected.

Renewal of Ageing Infrastructure

The NCA undertook a program of footpath renewal across the Parliamentary Zone to address safety risks. This included replacing almost 3km of footpaths and making repairs to potential trip hazards.

Capital improvement works were commenced in the Russell precinct to address safety risks identified in carparks. These works included installation of lighting, resurfacing and replacement of barriers. Further improvement works to carparks in this precinct will be undertaken in 2019-20.

In 2018-19, the NCA resurfaced several segments of roads across the National Capital Estate to repair deteriorating surfaces and prevent damage to the subsurface. This program reduced safety risks and also reduced potential future repair costs.

The additional maintenance funding provided in 2018-19 was used to improve lighting, open space and tree management across the estate to improve amenity and community safety.

The additional maintenance funding was also used to continue to effectively manage Scrivener Dam. The NCA is compliant with the Australian National Committee on Large Dams Incorporated Guidelines and the Dam Safety Management Plan (DSMP). The level and quality of documentation, both technical and non- technical, and the ongoing management of this documentation is of a very high standard. The definition of tasks in the DSMP is clear. The standard dam operations and maintenance, and dam safety activities, including surveillance and emergency preparedness, meets current Australian National Committee on Large Dams and the ACT Dam Safety Code guidelines and standards.

Community Collaboration for Ecological Outcomes

The NCA continues to collaborate with community groups to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. The NCA was able to provide additional support in 2018-19 to the Friends of Grasslands (FOG) to support weed management and conservation efforts in conservation areas at Stirling Ridge and Yarramundi Grasslands.

The NCA utilised goats for weed management in Yarramundi Grasslands to efficiently remove weed species with less environmental impact and significantly reduced costs than traditional mechanical clearing methods. The NCA also removed weed tree species from Springbank Island to improve amenity.

Event Venues on National Land

Venues on National Land continue to be popular for major events including Floriade, Skyfire, Enlighten, Australia Day celebrations, Anzac Day Commemorations, Queen’s Birthday celebrations, sporting and music festivals. Usage of National Land for events increased to 622 events held on National Land in 2018-19, compared with 539 in 2017-18. The 2018-19 total comprised 222 private and exclusive events, 107 lake events, 72 ceremonial events, 64 commercial events and 162 charity/community events.